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seriously... you did this to yourself
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I solemnly swear...
I solemnly swear...
I solemnly swear...
I solemnly swear...
So tonight after Avalyn went to sleep I decided to look at my old posts on here from way back when... In 2003 I was in a relationship that was going nowhere, unhappy at home, unhappy at work, but very happy with my friends. I miss a lot of those friends.

Most of those friends encouraged me to attend ITT. Now, I complained a lot about that school. It wasn't great, it was expensive, there were mostly guys there so it was uncomfortable a lot of the time and the books didn't have very accurate information. However, there were a few good things about the place. I made a few friends who were great to be around, and I met Matt there. Big plus!

It's so funny to look back and see that I was so sad in 2004-2005 about not having a boyfriend. I didn't know if I would find love (silly for a 20 year old to worry about that, but what can you do?) or where I would find it. Turns out the love of my life was under the same roof as me the whole time. I had met Matt in passing a few times, but didn't really spend any time with him until May 2005. He was quite the charmer... during the first conversation we ever had he told me I "needed to pull the stick out of my ass." Nice huh? For some reason we became fast friends, and we haven't really been apart since.

Valentines Day is just another day. However, it makes me think about the history Matt and I share. I'm happy he is my husband... he can be a huge pain in the butt, and thick headed frequently, but I love him. I'm not the type of person to say "I can't live without him" but I can say I wouldn't want to. :)

I love you, Matty!

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I solemnly swear...
I forgot to add something to my last post that I've been wanting to mention since last week. So here it goes:

In an earlier post I mentioned that I sleep better when I can hear Avalyn breathing. Like most parents SIDS scares the crap out of me. I know it's rare - and everyone hopes it won't happen to them... but it happens. :'(

Well I decided to buy myself a little gadget to help give me peace of mind when Avalyn's out of hearing distance.

I found the Snuza Halo Baby Movement Monitor on Amazon for half of what it's going for now. It's so great. I just hook it to her diaper and turn it on and it monitors her breathing, no matter how much she moves! If it doesn't sense her diaphragm moving after fifteen seconds it vibrates to stimulate her breathing, if it still doesn't sense something five seconds later it beeps until someone turns it off. It's gone off two times for me because I didn't have it on snug enough... But I'd rather have a false alarm than it not going off at all.

So now when her nap goes a bit longer than normal I feel okay. I still check (what can I say?) but I'm not as panicky. I'm sure this little device isn't for everyone... but it's definitely for me! I was one of the "crazy" moms who bought a fetal doppler so I could hear Avalyn's heartbeat when I was pregnant. Again, it gave me peace of mind to know my baby was okay.

Technology may hate me (I've destroyed more computers than I can count) but I LOVE technology! :)

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I solemnly swear...
In the past week Avalyn has learned how to: pull herself up into standing position, crawl, and has gotten her two bottom teeth. What a week!

The teething thing has been happening for a few days now and hasn't seemed to bother her much. She just eats from a spoon differently - she won't let me put the spoon in her mouth, just sucks food off of it. We got off pretty easy with that one. Lots of kids are in constant pain and don't eat at all, or sleep for that matter. I was explaining that to Keith yesterday when he asked me a question I couldn't answer.

He wanted to know when he got his first teeth, and if he still slept when they were coming in - I told him that it wasn't marked in his book so I didn't know. He didn't believe me and looked for himself. While he was looking for that he noticed a lot of other things weren't filled out... Needless to say he was pretty upset with his dad and biological mom because they didn't fill out very well. I tried to make him feel better about the whole thing by making pizza for dinner (a WW version that turned out to be delicious!) one of Keith's favorite foods. After dinner Keith had fun moving around the living room trying to get Avalyn to follow him.

Now that Avalyn can crawl that's all she wants to do. We were up until 1:30 last night because she kept getting up and crawling over to me, and pulling herself up on her crib. She finally wore herself out and fell asleep on her tummy. That didn't last long. She woke up at 4:30, then 5:00, then 5:30... see where I'm going with this?

She caught my cold and had a fever and stuffy nose. So at nine I finally gave up trying to sleep in the bed with Avalyn in her crib and came out to the living room. Avalyn played for a bit and at 10:30 started shrieking. Her fever was back so I gave her some Infant Tylenol and teething drops and brought her out to the living room again where we sat in the recliner and fell asleep. We slept for three wonderful hours! She's refreshed and crawling all over the floor and I feel well enough to try to make Chinese food tonight.


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I solemnly swear...
I'm sitting in Avalyn's room right now, thinking back to this time last year.

My pregnant belly was hardly showing then, the lovely pink and green walls in here were cream colored, and the room was filled with odds and ends. Every room in the house is filled with odds and ends now. It's what happens when a family of four tries to cram their lives into a 950 square foot home. But even though this little room is cluttered I don't think I'd change a thing. Well... maybe I'd put a picture or two on the wall. ;)

This is the room I sat down in when I first found out I was pregnant. One of our couches was in here at the time. I knew that this unloved spare room would not be the same ever again. Rather than being the room that we threw unwanted or unused items into, it would hold someone very precious. 

In fact, that someone is so precious I can't make myself get out of this rocking chair.

Avalyn has been sleeping in our room ever since she was born. Christmas Eve was the first night she slept in her room. She handled it fine. I did not. I haven't slept this poorly since I was pregnant. I don't like not having her next to me. I like listening to her breathe and toss and turn, it helps me sleep. However, part of being a parent (the not-so-fun part) is things stop being about you. Totally cliché but true. This is why Keith usually gets the last cookie... and the first. :)

So, here I sit, unable to sleep and unwilling to move, hoping that this will get easier with time. 

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I solemnly swear...
Christmas is always a busy time of year for most people. This year I had all of my shopping done before December and all of my groceries and necessities taken care of before Christmas Eve. Or so I thought.

My Christmas EveCollapse )
Belated Merry Christmas Everyone!

Oh - can't forget to mention: CONGRATS ON YOUR ENGAGEMENT ALLEE AND CARL! YEY!!!

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I solemnly swear...
 I am so tired of group projects at school. I always end up doing 75% of the work. I don't mind doing the work, but I hate finding out at the last minute that no one else has done anything. Ugh! Oh well, at least it's over and I have two weeks off!

In other news Avalyn had her six month check up and did great! She only cried for a few seconds after getting her shots, and she didn't have any side effects! I'm so proud of my baby girl! She is also becoming a lot more vocal and has been testing out new sounds. We watched The Princess and the Frog the other day and when Tianna said "Daddy" she started saying "Dadadada!" It was so amazing!

We are done with our Christmas shopping as well - and Keith is with his mom until Friday so at least the presents are safe from snooping! ^_~ He's doing very well in school though (even though he's been testing us lately) and made the honor roll. The thing that's bad: He's trying to turn Matt and Dominique (his birth mom) against each other. Little does he know, they don't like each other already!

Last week when Dominique called, Matt told Keith he needed to spend more than five minutes talking to her because she lives far away and this is her only chance to hear what's going on in his life. Keith apparently took this as: "You're not allowed to talk to your sister." So what does he do? Tells his mom that his dad said he can't talk to Jalynn. Nice work Keith. Needless to say, Dominique was upset and asked Matt about it. Matt explained what happened but I don't think she believed him. Now Matt is stressed out and Keith realizes that he can manipulate his mom. Great...

Keith tried telling us things Dominique says to him about us, but I take it with a grain of salt. One gem was: "My Dominique says I don't have to listen to you because you're stupid." I replied by telling him I have a college degree and if she thinks I'm stupid, that's fine, but he's in my house and he has to follow my rules, even if she does think I'm stupid. Then I got, "My Dominique says I don't have to listen to you because you're just my step mom." Pretty much the same deal, it's my house and he has to follow my rules... then I add, but I love you just as much as I love Avalyn because you're more than just my step son. That one made him cry. :\ The one after that was that Dominique and Bill punch him. Not sure if I believe that because I check him for bruises every time he comes home, I haven't seen any that raise questions. A couple of scraped knees, some scratches and small bruises, basic wear and tear for an eight-year-old. The latest contradicted the punching thing, now he says he never gets punished while he's there and doesn't have to clean up after himself. Val and Dominique have told us more than one time that he gets disciplined and has to pick up his things. Those are just a few - there are so many other times that he's tried to manipulate us and it hasn't worked. It's a shame that Dominique seemed to fall for it. Things have been going so well...

Oh well!

I suppose it just shows how smart Keith is. Even if it is being too smart for his own good!
I solemnly swear...